Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day One on the Blog

So here I am on a cold evening in January starting a blog. I was encouraged. You're starting a new business, my friends said, you need a website and a blog to link with. Well, the website is not quite ready to be seen but apparently this blog is. I don't know who will read this (everyone must say that) but here you are my friends.
Yes, I am starting a new Garden Coach business this spring. I want to be able to use all my new-found knowledge since graduating from the University of Guelph with a shiny certificate in Horticulture. Once that site is up I will post it here.
As far as this blog is concerned, I will ramble on about the trials and tribulations in my garden on Pomona Avenue and hopefully share some insights on this hobby called gardening.


  1. Happy there's now a space to read about all your gardening projects :) Congrats on the new business Patty, it's a great move and I'll be looking forward to learning more about it!

  2. Hooray for you! Congratulations dear sister on the up and coming business. Wish I were closer to share your wisdom and success with you.