Friday, January 29, 2010

Name Change

I decided to change the name of the blog from Pomona's Garden to Gardening Pomona. Primarily because the URL is the latter- the former was unavailable. Less complicated, especially when telling people about the blog and then give them a different name in the address. Anyone think I should keep Pomona's Garden? Or care?

Here are a couple of photos of plants from my garden last summer. Something to brighten up a cold day. The top photo is Turtle Head, named because the flower resembles a turtles head. This plant prefers a wet-tish soil and some shade but does well in a dry semi shaded spot in my garden. Bottom photo is Butterfly Weed, a great drought resistant plant that does well in clay due to a long taproot. Attracts more than just butterflies too.

1 comment:

  1. Will your Butterfly Weed grow in Calgary? And I prefer Pomona's Garden but Gardening Pomona is a bit more accurate I think.