Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New guy in town

Up until the last two years, our area has had an overabundance of rabbits. Big ones, little ones and in between ones too. It did not seem to matter what time of day either, they were out there causing trouble. They have strange eating habits, have you noticed? They chose one Geranium sanguineum alba over the one next to it and returned to it over and over again, never touching the other geranium. Once the plant was devastated and down to bits they'd leave it until it started to recuperate and grow and then attack it all over again, still leaving the other plant alone. I am sure you have your rabbit horror stories too. Two years ago I found one bunny actually eating my weeds. Finally, I thought, evolution has caught up to them. All that hybridizing and I finally have the rabbit of my dreams. Not only did that critter eat weeds in my lawn but also weeds in my gravel driveway. Hallelujah!

Then all
that changed. Last summer we got a fox. He/she is a beautiful fox (see photos). A big one too. About the size of a mid sized dog. Pretty big fox. We used to have a couple of foxes in the area when we first moved to this house. Neighbours would complain about them and word would get around when there were sitings. Then they disappeared. Someone said they had Mange, a skin mite found on dogs and cats, and were destroyed by the city. Someone else said a resident called the city and had them removed because foxes are dangerous things in the city and should all be killed. In any case, the foxes disappeared and we got a rabbit boom.

Now I am not complaining. I like my fox. I am not scared of my fox he is scared of me. I do have to keep an eye out when he's around because I do have an outdoor cat. But I do miss my weed eating rabbit.


  1. Cool. How come I didn't know you had such a lovely fox?

  2. Great photos. Healthy looking guy - I guess the rabbit diet is agreeing with him.