Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Seed Preparations

Last week the seeds I had ordered arrived. Now I have all the equipment I need to get sowing. It is not as easy as I thought it may be in regards to the timing of certain seeds. Three I can start right away: the Gillenia or Indian physic, the Burnet and the Desmodium paniculatum (Forgot to mention it on the last post). These three need a warm and humid environment to germinate and therefore can be sown immediately. Mind you I think I will still soak the seeds first to give them a helping hand. The Turtlehead, Actaea, and Yucca all need a chilling before sowing, so I will chill them in the fridge in the soil-less mix prior to sowing them in about 8 weeks time. 
Check in for further developments.

BTW, I was at the Royal Botanical Gardens on the weekend and saw the Shrimp plant again in their Mediterranean garden. I think they gave it a haircut since I last saw it but it was still a big plant. Check out the new renovation too, the Camilla and Peter Dalglish Atrium. It is a wonderful and airy space and filled with sunlight on Sunday.

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