Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the Dominican

I recently returned from a week holiday in the Domincan Republic. I am so relaxed now I am tired all the time. Very nice hotel, very good food, beautiful beach and wonderful warm weather. I took some photos of flowers, of course, which I will share here with you. I did try to determine what they are but have been unsuccessful. I will include my guesses but if you should happen to recognize a flower write in and let us all know.

Quite obviously the Phalenopsis orchid

This shrub was everywhere as hedge. The flowers were dark pink or scarlet, white and even yellow. My guess is some type of honeysuckle.

Gorgeous flowers that grow on a tree. Beats me what they are...

I missed the peak for these beauties. At first I thought they might be a type of lily, now I wonder if they are in the daffodil family.


  1. Beautiful flowers! I can almost feel the heat of the island by looking at them. Are the white and yellow ones related to the plumeria we saw in Hawaii?

  2. One of my guesses was that those flowers were Frangipani, not realizing that Frangipani is an alternate name for Plumeria. So my answer is maybe :)