Monday, March 8, 2010

I have leaves

Just a quick update on Desmodium and Burnet. These two germinate in warm, humid conditions. The seeds were sown February 24 and started to emerge from the soil yesterday (11 days later). Today they all stand approximately one inch tall. Please excuse the photos -they are not the best- as I tried taking them in macro setting and I don't think I did it quite right. You are seeing the seed leaves. The seed leaves are what feeds the seed until it has its true leaves and then it can begin to feed itself through photosynthesis. The top photo is Desmodium and the bottom is Burnet.

I think this all pretty cool. However in my ignorance in growing from seed I have come upon a problem. As you can tell the seeds were planted in a tray. The tray was covered to keep moisture and humidity for germination. Now that the seeds are growing some are just starting to touch the cover. OK so I remove it, but I still have potential plants that have not yet germinated. Do I keep the cover off or do I start to transplant into pots? Transplanting at this time seems wrong. Anyone care to help me with this quandary?

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