Monday, April 12, 2010

Early signs of Spring

What a lovely weekend we just had. My husband and I got out in the sun and did some tidying up. I finished raking out the beds and uncovered my sedums and coral bells. I kept stopping to have a look at the Tete a Tete daffodils that are up. These are the earliest daffs I have. Don't ask why, but I prefer the miniatures. Something about them. Also in bloom are some other bulbs such as chionodoxa, snowdrops and some very early tulips that were here when we moved. I think they may be a species type because of the red stripe. Also the critters leave them alone.
Naturally the forsythia is in bloom and soon to follow is the Nanking cherry which will bloom this afternoon (no kidding). While this cherry is nothing to look at any other time of the year it is a beauty while in bloom.
In the back where it is more woodsy my one existing sharp-lobed hepatica is in full flower as are the Bloodroot. The white trillium is showing 6 buds and should be in bloom within the week if the weather holds. I have other trilliums that need to be moved but they are still undercover and so I must wait and watch for their emergence. Apart from these, other plants are just poking their noses out of the ground, so I will leave them for another time.


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  1. Your early season flowers are looking spectacular Patty!