Friday, April 30, 2010

Just a few more pictures from my garden this (very) early spring.

Trout lily with periwinkle
Trout lily is considered a spring ephemeral. Once it has finished flowering it packs up its mottled leaves and settles underground again until next spring.

A sprig of Serviceberrry. 
The serviceberries are in bloom all over Burlington right now.

Jack in the Pulpit
I have a few of these native beauties. Perhaps they are an acquired taste for some but they are an intriguing plant. Just out of the ground and will unfold over the next few days. 
I will post another photo once it's open.

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  1. Nice photos Patty. Our trees are just beginning to bud out and my tulips in the south yard are about to open in the next week, I think. The house finches have returned and the annoying sparrows are doing their crazy mating rituals on our gazebo! Spring is finally here. If only it would stop snowing!