Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's up in the garden

With such nice weather of late I have been in the garden. Plants are sprouting out of the soil with such vigor it is like being invited to a fantastic party. Everybody is showing up. I managed to finish the last of the tidying up in the front today. Also transplanted an errant trillium to a much nicer location. I have a patch of periwinkle (vinca) under the beech tree that also supports a few trout lilies and a few trilliums, two white and one red. The red one is up but the whites are not. I worry now that the periwinkle is too much for them and that perhaps they have succumbed. I plan to keep and eye out but also intend to move the trilliums elsewhere after the bloom. Here's a trillium from my garden for you.

Many other things are blooming right now, or I should say in mid bloom. My redbuds and spicebush are flowering however the buds seemed to have stopped at the midway point. Perhaps this is due to the cool weather and even cooler nights. I am not sure if they will open entirely at this point but here they are for you to see.

Both these plants are new to the garden as of last summer. The spicebush in particular has some growing to do but it does live up to it's name with a spicy scent from the flowers.
Also pushing their way out of the ground is the Solomon's Seal. They get better every year. I have the European variegated one as well and it is striking at this time with it's red tinged stems. Here is the native one:

Also in bloom right now is the serviceberry. I will keep that for next time.

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