Monday, May 31, 2010

Bundled and joy

What is it about garbage collection that at times fills me with apprehension and awe? Today happens to be the day the city picks up our recycling and garbage. When my hubby and I were putting it all out last night he looked at me and asked  "Do you think they will take all of this?". 
We had worked most of the weekend in the garden. It was a great weekend. It was warm, almost hot at times, but with a slight breeze. My kind of day. Hubby had chopped down yet another dying cedar and prepared it for the pick up. He had also bundled up quite a lot of branches he had collected from last weekend. We put out three plastic garbage cans full of garden debris plus 7 bundles of shrub and tree branches. Standing at the side of the road it looked like we had hoarded for months. So I knew what hubby meant when he asked that question. Apprehension concerning what the collectors will actually take - all of it, or just some? What do  they think when they pull up to our place every week with that big noisy truck of theirs. Oh I am fully aware that it's their job to take it all away but sometimes I hide by the window to watch and see if they leave anything behind. But no, they always take everything. You put it out and they take it away. Awesome.

Our beech tree before the leaves turned that opaque purple.


  1. Finally got it %-) Enjoying the blog. When you have minute you're welcome to come over and sort my garden out. Sadly there have been many causalities because of our very odd weather. Is it true you can't plant a rose where one has died?



  2. Hoorah Julie ! Maybe this summer. We'll let you know.