Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hunched over a book

I do love to read. Usually you will find me curled up on the sofa or in my chair by the window book in hand. I can be there for hours. Ask me if I read in bed and I will give you a qualified yes. It is not my favorite way to read. I am always fiddling with the book, especially big hardcovers, and turning from one side to the other. So when I bought Richardson Wright's book, 'The Gardener's Bed-Book' it was with mixed delight. It is a book to be read in bits. A little bit every night. There are long and short essays on gardening and sometimes not on gardening at all. One for each day of each month for a year. It is very easy to read in bed since I only have to hold the book (a paperback) in my hands for a few paragraphs before putting it down until the next evening. You see reading in bed can be enjoyable, just in small doses. 

Anyway, for May 7 he writes about the various postures gardeners use while getting their work done in the garden. He writes,
" Did the arid and fanatic anti-Evolutionists of Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas ever study the favorite gardening postures, they would cease questioning our simian ancestry. There are stoopers and the squatters and the sitters and those who flop. There are those who hoe upright and those who push a hoe as though it were a perambulator. There are weeders who hunch along a row as if doubled up with cramps and there are those (myself among them) whom the Bon Dieu has endowed with a firm foundation and who use it to advantage. The sitting gardener may not appear active but his posture by no means limits the scope of his work."

It got me thinking about my posture while gardening. I definitely stoop and squat and I am a huncher too. What is your gardening posture?

 Pictures courtesy of Laura Stoddart

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