Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring garden

Often I am told by neighbours passing by that I have a lovely spring garden. I suppose I do. Although I don't really think of my gardens in that way. Over the years I have been trying to grow plants that give some interest year round - isn't that what the magazines tell you to do? And to some degree that is what I am accomplishing. However, it is obvious that come June there is a gap once the peonies have flowered. Ah well, you can't have everything and some things are not worth trying for. By the time May is over and we are into June I am starting to get tired. All the spring cleaning is over and the mad rush to move some plants around as well as add more and more plants starts to tucker me out. Anyways come July it all starts up again and all is well through fall.

Here are some photos of my spring garden.

Part of a border with wild columbine, perennial geranium and foamflower(and dandelions -sigh)

In another border the Father Hugo rose (Rosa hugonis) is in flower. It is quite early for a rose.

This is a view of my all native garden by the street. It was created 3 summers ago and has filled in very well, to the point I don't need a mulch for weed prevention. The foam flowers (tiarella) and the asters have filled the floor of the garden now deterring all but the most aggressive weeds. The flowering raspberry behind the birch on the left has overstepped my personal boundaries and I have to cut it back. It is swamping a cool looking grass, a coneflower and some bee balm.

And finally, in the back I have been growing a phlox subulata around the base of a walnut tree. I bought two plants a few years ago and have never found them since. So now I clip off about 3 inches of stem and plant them in the ground. Over time it is spreading and will eventually encircle most of the base.


  1. Yes Patty, you do have a lovely spring garden. I have a lot of green - I am quite surprised - but only the tulips have bloomed and the double flowering plum. One peony had buds but I think the other still doesn't. Some one told me it could take years before it bloomed! Maybe I'll get in there today and rearrange - it's supposed to be nice.

  2. Hi Patty and Laura!
    Laura, at my last house I had a lagging peony that bloomed the year following it's sister, but never caught up. I ended up moving it and planting it a little higher, et viola, it started blooming like mad!

    And Patty, I agree with Laura and your neighbors and friends, you DO have a lovely garden. What's the point in having a garden if it's not lovely. Green, healthy, actively growing plants cultivated using organic and environmentally-friendly methods spell a very lovely garden indeed!