Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time Flies

Already almost a week has gone by- hard to believe.
I have accomplished some things but the list is still long. Gardening list, that is. I spent three hours last week weeding two smallish beds to prepare for the compost mulch they received. Weeding soil that feels like cement is no fun. I guess I should have waited until we got the rain that we did, but I had a list to get through. After the weeding was the shoveling. Shoveling out of a large bag of mulch, those square yard ones, into a wheelbarrow and then shoveling the mulch out of the wheelbarrow onto the flower beds. My arms were sore the next day. Then rain for a day. And then other things got in the way. Today is really windy with occasional rain. Not much gardening done.

One great thing happened yesterday around supper time. I was looking out the window and what did I see? A bird, which bird, why a Titmouse golly gee. Never seen one before in the nine years we have been here. I did manage a blurry photo ( I am considering posting it) while it jumped from telephone wire to tree and then branch to branch. Now I can add the Titmouse to the Pomona bird list. This is a happy list, not like the chores list.

Some bad news about the seeds that were stratified; the seedlings that just put their heads up this week got damping off disease. I think that the medium was too wet too long and then with the cover got mildewy or perhaps a straight forward fungal attack and so voila, damping off. I am leaving the cover off for now as not all seeds have germinated. Perhaps some will grow and survive and perhaps not. There's no risk at this point.

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