Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Had my cake

This is not a gardening post. Be forewarned. This may never happen again but it probably will.

On the weekend hubby and I were at a 50th birthday party for a good friend. His parents came in from Chile which was a delight to all his friends, us included as we had never met them before. His mother made some lovely dishes for the BBQ including a home made salsa which had a white bean base, a potato salad that stood on the plate as half of a round ball decorated with circles of carrot on top, and a lovely antipasto of olives, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and grilled red peppers. But the piece de resistance was the cake. 

This cake was smuggled in from Chile in a suitcase. 

Unfortunately I do not have a photo of the full cake so I hope my description will be adequate. It was a round cake that stood about 4 inches high, covered in a marzipan icing. It was carved from the center to the edge and down to the plate like the spokes on a wheel. The inside is  finely layered with cake and caramel. It looks like there are 20 alternating layers. I don't know how the birthday boy's mom made it, as it certainly is an amazing bakers feat and feast. Absolutely delicious!

torta De Mil Hojas
(Cake of 1000 layers)

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