Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Momentous Occasion

The Baptisia has bloomed.
Yes, truly this is a momentous occasion. 

Many years ago while perusing through the native plant books, I saw this plant in a photo and thought, I must have this Baptisia. So I bought two plants and put them in the back garden. They tried their best but between the conditions and the rabbits the baptisia succumbed and were no more. They were not to be the last. This baptisia is the fifth or sixth one I planted (forgetting when the 3rd one died - three is a rule you know). How did this one survive? The photo tells all.

After this plant had been chewed down to less of an inch it was obvious something had to be done and quickly. So last spring I put the wire around the plant and waited. It grew to a final height of maybe two feet. Hooray, I thought, and left the wire over the winter. And spring. You know how those rabbits can be! There are a few more stems compared to last year but this year it bloomed. 

Baptisia australis with support


  1. It's beautiful and I'm so happy for you that it's blooming! Good idea to help protect it with wire! Enjoy those beautiful flowers...

  2. Hooray! It looks beautiful and delicate. Another success!