Monday, June 14, 2010

Native and Nature

I just finished reading a rant by Garden Rant blogger Angela Treadwell-Palmer concerning the advocacy of using native plants as 'easier' by many native plant enthusiasts. She said everything I have come to know over the years in the blog and then some. In a nutshell, the reasons you would be interested in using natives in your garden is a desire to have wildlife of all kinds, to be able to provide better options for that wildlife in terms of food and shelter, and to maintain a diversity of native plant life that can support the variety of wildlife. Diversity is a big word here. 

You have to be willing to have plants in the garden with holes chewed through leaves and fresh plants shoots nibbled or gnawed off to the base. There will be an occasional branch broken off your favorite dogwood because the raccoons tried to get at the topmost branch for the berries. The rewards are worth it. Increased number of birds, bees and butterflies flitting around. Healthier plants because of your increased numbers of beneficial or 'good bugs' and healthier soil too. And, strangely, getting to watch the antics of the wildlife in your garden. Gotta keep it all in perspective. 

A tip I picked up over the years: grow three of everything. One for the animals, one for Mother Nature and one for you.


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  2. Really love the new look! Bright and fresh. I think my garden is mostly native plants. I got them from a woman who lives up the road. Does that count? And David Austin Roses is just down the road :-)