Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rained out

I got a call this morning from a fellow master gardener calling from the RBG telling me not to bother coming in for my shift today as there are no visitors there due to the weather. (yikes, what a sentence) Plus more rain is in the forecast. So we are rained out of the RBG Iris and Peony Festival today. I guess I am not too surprised as it poured all night long. Since I have no photos of beautiful irises and peonies from the gardens I will leave you with a couple of peony pics from my garden - I don't grow irises.

This is Falcon. I have tried many times to photograph this peony and the colour never comes true. Falcon is a magnificent deep mahogany red. It blooms mid June and has no scent. Alas.

This is Pink Luau, a single petaled peony. It is white and pink striped with a mild spicy scent.

 Ethel Mars

I also grow Ethel Mars a large white double with a wonderful sweet scent and Miss America another larger white that is presently looking quite battered and bruised from the rain - not a pretty sight.

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  1. Gorgeous Peonies. Mine are still thinking about coming out. Everything here is at least a month late and the last hard frost killed two of my roses. :-(