Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sound of Music Festival

I spent part of a lovely day outside rethinking a couple of garden beds. Then I pulled out one clump of sedge (out of 7) that I don't like - they just sprawl open, very unseemly - and replaced it with a different type of sedge that I still like. I can't find my sheet with the names of these sedges to help you avoid them, sorry. I also moved a ginger and that was the end of the gardening for the day.

Hubby and I decided to get away from the house for the evening and went to the Sound of Music Festival to see Ashley MacIsaac play his fiddle. I checked the weather, like always, and was assured of a chance of thunder showers with 1 mm. of rain expected. So off we went with umbrella in hand and walked to downtown Burlington to see the show. Ten minutes in of the walk and it was spitting, and by the time we reached downtown we were looking for cover from the downpour. No 1 mm. crap was this. Huge torrents of water, immense gales of wind from the northwest blowing water everywhere, and while standing under the umbrella trying to keep dry the streets started flooding with water. My running shoes were soaked. Families with children were running to their cars, others took the opportunity to play and jump in the large puddles as they were soaked through anyway. Needless to say we were quite damp. A moment of indecision - do we try a coffee house or go home? Figuring that the coffee houses were full of wet people we walked home. 

Still determined we discarded our wet clothes, dressed again and took the car back to the festival. Ashley and his band were great. We managed to see them on stage by the latter half of the show (on screens prior to that) and had a great time. We stayed for the fireworks which were awesome.

Here's a link to a YouTube video from a few years back.

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  1. So jealous! I love him and am still introducing him to the "natives". Everyone loved the opening of the Olympics. They still think its all igloos and whale music %-) Well done on your hardiness re. the weather :-)