Monday, July 12, 2010

Sedums are pretty cool

A few years back we enlarged our front door entrance pad to patio size. It went from a 3x3 ft. space to a 10x10 -ish space. Part of the design included some large rocks to anchor the patio and one of them is placed near the front door by the railing for the stairs. But there was this odd space between the rock and the stairs that I was not sure what to do with. In the end I filled the space with soil and last year planted some hens and chicks there. The results have been great.

This photo end of June

One week later. I have never grown hens and chicks before. With the flowering, I have come to see that the hen that flowers dies. This plant has put out so many chicks that it seems there will be a never ending supply. In the winter and into early spring the colour is no longer a solid green but a maroon that starts at the base of the plant and grows up into the tips of the more mature hens. Cougat!

These are not the only sedums I grow but are fast becoming my favorite. A surprise I had this spring was to find that my Sedum spectabile "Brilliant" seeded itself about four feet away from the original plant. All of a sudden I have three new sedum plants. That has never happened to me before. Very cool plants.

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