Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I confess. I have not done much gardening lately. Some weeding, yeah, but let's face it it is too hot and humid for me out there. Instead I have kept indoors most of the time and have been reading a lot instead. 

I have read or reread about 5 books in the past few weeks. Presently, for those who may be interested, I am rereading 'Divisadero' by Michael Ondaatje. I enjoy rereading books because I am a fast and impatient reader- need to know what happens- and miss out on stuff or just miss some lovely passages with thought provoking ideas. Some books are worth keeping, hence our large library. 

The pictures today are of a magnificently huge dragonfly that settled on a wire outside our house. The wire itself is about an inch thick. 


  1. Love catching up with your blog. Great dragon fly pics. Rubbish weather we're having. Just blah. Not hot, not sunny and doesn't rain enough to keep the plants happy. My garden is in the usual mid-Aug hrumpf. The crouch grass is doing well. Roses resting for their September spurt and the fuchsia taking over as usual! I don't know that bug but its an ugly one!

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  3. We have a lot of large dragonflies in Calgary too. Good for us - bad for the mosquitoes!