Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tree Removal

Last week we had a tree removed from the back yard. It was an old dead poplar. In fact it was already dead when we first moved into the house. I guess it must have been forty feet tall and the uppermost branches were bleached white from the sun as the bark had fallen away from them some time ago. We have been keeping an eye on that tree for years, knowing that one day it would have to come down. Somehow we missed the best before date. Hubby found it a couple of weekends ago, a large branch (about the size of a mid sized tree) broke away from the bottom of the trunk and fell off to the side and hung over the creek behind us. Neither of us had noticed that the tree had been rotting near the ground. 

Next, a phone call or three for some quotes to remove the tree and then last week they came and took it all away. It took 2 days. And 4 very nice guys. In the end there is quite a sizable stump left. The trunk is divided in two parts. One side turned out to have a rod of metal in it, and was discovered when they tried to cut another layer off the trunk. K-zing. We decided that it must have been a tree stake, placed when they planted the tree...at least 30 years ago....The other side seems to have a large and thriving wasps nest inside. The trunk is pierced by many holes and we watched as these very beautiful black and yellow wasps flew in and out of the tree. Best to leave them alone. I figure they will leave when the tree no longer offers any protection for them. 

Unfortunately I did not take any photos.  While the threat of a great big tree falling is no longer I know it will be missed by the crows and the jays who loved the great view from above.


  1. I'm glad the wasps are down by the creek. I can't stand them. Not too many by our place yet this summer.

  2. This is what we do with dead trees in the olde country - we call it art :-)