Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Odds N' Sods

First off let me say that it finally rained. A gardener is always hoping for rain (mostly at night) and worries and frets when it doesn't. A gardener will go out and water needy plants but prefers to use the rain barrel than the faucet and frets and worries when the rain barrel's side split and can only hold a few measly and inconsequential gallons of water ('cos if you are going to water you need a lot more than that). So happy happy rain dance.

Second, I actually purchased a few more plants last week. This is a noteworthy occasion because I am trying to buy fewer plants and grow my own instead (see early spring entries). What did I buy? Goatsbeard - a third try at this shrub. Rabbits got the previous ones so I will use the tried and true method of chicken wire and hope it will get big and strong quickly. This is a great looking plant - imagine astilbe on steroids. Next, New York Aster. A bright pink one. Still debating where to place this as sun is running out in most of the gardens. Lastly a salvia called 'Hot Lips'. An annual. Not something I usually do but just look at the pictures !!

Some of the last of the summer flowers are starting to bloom now. Like native Obedient Plant:

and Senna marilandica a.k.a. Cassia marilandica, a native plant just south of the lakes in the USA. It is a leguminous plant that flowers now and later puts out showy seed pods.

The Rose of Sharon is also in bloom and the Bugbane or Cimicifuga racemosa. Next time I will have photos of the turtlehead (just starting) and I hope the autumn flowering clematis.
Happy weeding.

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