Sunday, August 1, 2010


Some posts ago I mentioned that I was going to change a small bed by the patio. The plant in question, a sedge, was not up to my expectations and did not look pleasing in that bed. While I still haven't finished what I am planning to do (these things take time, y'know) I thought I would mention something about sedges as they are certainly under used these days.
First, a ditty:

Sedges have edges,
Rushes are round,
Grasses are hollow,
What have YOU found?

Sedges do have edges on the stems, in fact they are three sided like a triangle. This helps to differentiate them from grasses, which have a flat and hollow stem but tends to be round at the base from the leaves growing around the stem. The stems of rushes are round. Grasses and rushes can be annual or perennial and die back in winter. Sedges are perennials and are evergreen. Grasses and sedges like a variety of soil conditions while rushes prefer wet situations. Horticulture lesson over.

I am currently growing 5 sedges:
Stellate sedge (Carex rosea)
Common Wood sedge (Carex blanda)
Early-fruiting sedge (Carex pendunculata)
Plantain-leaved sedge (Carex plantaginea)
Gray's Sedge (Carex grayi)

It is the Common wood sedge I am not happy with and will move them, eventually, elsewhere. 

Common wood sedge

Stellate sedge (L) and Early fruiting sedge (R)

Plantain sedge

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