Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last of the Summer Flowers

    Getting towards the end of summer is kind of bitter sweet for me. I look forward to summer and its warm sunny days for months and then before you know it it's over. If you have been following, you would have some inkling that hot humid summers are not for me. As I have said I'm a 26 C with a nice breeze kind of gal. So when fall is poking its nose around the corner I welcome it with open arms. For most Canadians, fall means warm/cool sunny days. It means there is a slight nip in the air, a sweater on your back and a cup of something hot in your hands while sitting on the patio listening to the neighborhood. It means leaves of yellow, orange, burnt umber, red, burgundy and green. But I don't mean to push. I can wait and I will do so. Not everyone is ready.

So that brings me back to the last of the summer flowers in my garden.


Woodland aster

Blue-stemmed goldenrod


Sweet Autumn Clematis

Also hello to some sedums, new york asters, switch grass and the colouring foliage of Sweet Henry Itea. Farewell to the troopers helianthus, cup plant, shasta daisies, black eyed susans, coneflowers, Rozanne geraniums, gaura and phlox.


  1. You would have liked our cool temps here in Calgary. But the rain and under 10 degrees in August was just too hard for me to take! We never got summer and now we are headed for a short fall and hard winter - I hope the almanac is wrong! Your photos are lovely. I have very few flowers left - a few blue clips, clematis blooms and some potted mums!

  2. What a difference a zone makes! Our nights are cool but the days are still nice. Should get a bit more warm weather before the real fall weather sets in.

  3. I really like bugbane in the garden, both for its flower spikes and the tall foliage for shade.

    Your goldenrod look super next to the moss covered boulder and ferns.

  4. Thanks for visiting, Northern Shade.

  5. I just spotted a new Purple Coneflower in my garden yesterday and was amazed by how vibrant it looks. Still feeling like summer here in Austin! Your photos are very pretty.