Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watching grass grow

Well the autumn equinox was yesterday and we're are officially in fall. It does not look much like fall around here yet though there are some early signs. One fall activity we never do, until now, is some lawn care. I am not much of a lawn lover. I do appreciate it under my bare feet and my bottom and of course cool green is comforting on the eyes. But I don't feel the need to get out there and make my far from perfect lawn a perfect lawn to keep up with the neighbours. Besides I am getting rather good at identifying the weeds in the lawn (black medic and dandelions are the worst culprits). Our city recently implemented a new pesticide bylaw banning the use of many herbicides and pesticides for the home owner, so I foresee many more lawns that will look like mine in the future.

Having said all that, hubby and I decided to do some lawn improvements this fall. The lawn is quite bumpy and uneven and since hubby is the lawn mower in the family (and a push mower at that) the lawn needs some care to help make the mowing easier. So the soil order arrived and I purchased the eco lawn grass seed. We have used this seed before and I am quite happy with it. The new seed mixtures includes primarily fescue grasses. They have a nice fine blade, grow slowly and therefore require less frequent mowing, and tolerate dry periods better. This grass has remained green in mid August when other lawns are going brown. So here are a couple of photos of week old grass:

Look at that will ya

Can you see the morning dew?

A growing concern of mine is our grub problem. The last few years the Japanese beetle has really eaten up my roses and this year they went after our young birch trees. There are also the telltale signs of digging in the lawn by various larger pests. I had planned to apply nematodes this fall but with the seeding of the lawn my plans are out the window. I couldn't figure out a) if we apply some nematodes now or wait till the spring. And, b) if I did it this fall do we apply them before the seeding or after or what? Can these two activities be juggled simultaneously and if so how? Since it is getting late to apply the nematodes this year I guess I will wait until the spring, but I may have the same dilemma then. So if anyone has some input please write in with your suggestions.


  1. Sorry, no ideas about the grubs and/or nematodes.
    I am the lawn cutter in my family (my husband said I wanted the big garden, I can cut it, lol), but I hesitate to improve my lawn. One day I hope to get rid of all, or at least most of it, and there does not seem any point in trying to improve it. Although, maybe the grass would choke uot the million of dandelions in my lawn.

  2. Deborah at KIlbourne Grove: I hear you regarding the dandelions. One year my husband decided that if you can't beat them, join them. So he pulled them out and then washed the greens for salad and dried the roots to make tea. The salad was fine but the work that was involved in the tea making was not worth the effort.