Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is here

Fall is on its way after all. As of last week it still looked pretty green around here but today tells a different story.

Black Walnut
Paper Birch    
There is some colour too as the Itea  'Henry's Garnet' shows.

The False Solomon's seal has also joined the festivities

along with the burning bush

Nope. No denying now. Happy fall everyone.


  1. Calgary weather has been a mystery this year. On Sept 22 - the first day of autumn our weather finally turned warm - even hot! Yesterday it was 26 degrees celcius! However when I look to my yard fall is definitely here. Lots of leaves on the ground and all the bushes have changed colour. I miss Ontario's autumns - especially the colours!

  2. Your garden is ahead of mine for Fall...just beginning to see glimpses. But the nearby mountains are in full splendor. Thank you for your sweet comment!