Monday, October 4, 2010

A game

Yesterday I was invited by DeniseNoNiwa to play a game along with 9 other garden bloggers. 
The rules of this game are:
  • Inform who invited you
  • List the 10 things you like to do
  • Invite another 10 bloggers
She also says '  I bended the second rule slightly. I hope that is allowed. In stead of listing 10 things I like doing, I will list ten garden-related things I like'

I am not usually one who takes part in chain letters but this one is of interest to me. I get to find out about some bloggers I don't know at all and I will be checking out more blogs I have never visited. How bad can that be?
Here we go:
    10 things I like to do in the garden:

    1. I like to smell my flowers, especially the peonies and sweet autumn clematis

    2. I like to sit on the patio and watch and listen to the birds
    3. I love watching the European beech tree turn gold in fall and in the spring watch the new leaves become that translucent green burgundy.
    4. I like weeding the gravel driveway after a rain.
    5. I like watering the flowers by hand. This way I keep in touch and see how everyone is doing.
    6. I like to sit and read garden magazines or books of fiction.
    7. I like to do sudoku puzzles
    8. I like getting my hands dirty
    9. I love walking the garden with my cat Sushi

    10. I love to touch the white pine tree. It's needles are soft. It is the provincial tree of Ontario. However I can't find the right place in the garden to grow one. One day I hope that will change.

    I am inviting the following 5 bloggers to join in:

    Gardening in a Sandbox


    1. Thanks for the visit. Great list! I love to watch the birds from my kitchen window. We have the feeders hung in such a way that I have a perfect view of all my furry and feathered neighbors when I look each morning.

    2. Hi Patty, I also don't participate in chain letters but yet I was the one who invited Denise, who in turn invited you. Thank you for sharing. Love your peonies. Glad you enjoyed the wedding ceremony.

    3. Patty:
      Thanks for visiting Teza's Garden. In regards to the pink and white orchid-like flower, it is indeed a terrestrial orchid native to North America, known as Showy Lady Slipper or Cypripedium reginae.