Sunday, October 17, 2010

Garden Fashion Statement

The Pomona Garden and Co. is having a big year, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their business. What better way to move forward than with an almost all-metallic collection?

Persicaria is modeling what can only be described as a refreshingly straightforward gutsiness:

While the Spigelia twins are just dazzling and the fabric is neither prissy nor showy:

Baptisia is making a comeback with a vampy, campy lassitude in the boudoir-ness of it all:

Another duo of femme fatale proportions are the Black chokeberries. Here they are with those elusive touches of femininity; embroidery and lace:

It would hardly be a Pomona Garden outing without it, the fab leopard print modeled here by one of our favorite guys, Epimedium:

 No one does it better than Goatsbeard  -  an undone, sensual quality, in a crinkled metallic twill safari jacket:

To finish: more lace smothered in clear crystals for a sparkling evening look modeled by Aster nova-belgii:.

This show didn't necessarily have the emotional impact of last season, but it certainly showed the designers in top form, keenly aware of their strengths (has there been a season in recent memory in which more editors have worn PG and Co. in the front row?) and making the very most of them. The collection had a sharpness to it, though beautiful, and rather reflective of how much dress codes have loosened up in the decade that Pomona Garden and Co. has been at the forefront. 

(my apologies to Dolce & Gabbana and to fashion writer  Nicole Phelps from whom I unabashedly have stolen)


  1. Dear Patty, What a fun posting.This made me laugh, but I fear that your barricades must mean that you are troubled by all manner of marauding creatures. Never mind......there is always the next collection!!

  2. Edith: yes the rabbits seem to change their diets frequently and nothing appears to be safe right now. I hope I can keep some of the most ravaged plants alive through too spring.

  3. Sorry! I've been a little self involved with my own blogging and web world so have been ignoring you. And the loss has been all mine! I absolutely loved the recent posting. Very funny. I only succeeded in stopping the little creatures (I have snails) by planting things they don't like and can't climb >-) I wish you great success with the fall collection and hope spring shows show wonderful results.

    And many many congratulations on your 10th year!