Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Garden in Ottawa

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers. I had hoped to say that prior to Thanksgiving but I was preparing to visit my in-laws for the holiday this year. I ran out of time. I do hope everyone had an enjoyable time with family and ate some delicious food.

So, we were in Ottawa for the holiday, I took many opportunities to enjoy my sister and brother in-law's garden. Michel and Cathy have worked very hard at creating a lovely garden. During the first few years in this home the garden grew in leaps and bounds. Every visit I was filled with envy for their enthusiasm and energy to accomplish what they have done. Michel is a plantaholic who knows no limits at the garden nursery while Cathy is more practical about choosing the right plant for the right place. Before we left for home Michel confided he will be enlarging one of the berms. Apparently there is never enough room....

I thought you might like to see some photos of their back garden.

View from house to back yard

Back yard with bright orange blueberry bushes, Smokebush, crab apple tree in behind grass

End of berm Michel is planning to enlarge  

Other side of yard

Locust tree and serviceberry
A whimsical touch
Fall asters
Interesting textural combo
Loved the planter
You may have got the impression that there are quite a few trees, and you would be right. I think they planted at least 6 trees. It is just your typical suburban lot size but it seems larger with the amount of plant material in it and because they created pathways (not all of them obvious) to lead you around the yard.
Thank you Cathy and Michel for allowing me to show off your wonderful garden.


  1. Deaar Patty, there is such a lot of interest in Cathy and Michel's garden. It already looks very well established and is cleverly designed so that not all of it is revealed at any one point. I particularly like the tent arrangement. that certainly adds a stylish touch and is so practical for al fresco meals.

  2. Lovely garden. I think the addition of the 6 trees will help it feel more of a cocoon or retreat from the rest of the subdivision.I love the whimsical bicycle.

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  4. Thank you Edith and Jennifer for your comments. I omitted saying in the post that the garden is only 5 years old, a fact that proves how much they have accomplished. Yes Edith they do eat al fresco frequently in the summer.

  5. Wow only five years! I haven't accomplished that in 15! I think I need renewed enthusiasm. Tell them how beautiful we think it is when you speak to them next. It looks so alive when I am thinking of putting mine to bed. I love the bicyle too.