Thursday, October 28, 2010

Houseplant killer on the loose

I have a tendency to kill my houseplants.

I used to have a Shrimp plant :
Now it is dead.

And then, I recently brought in my rosemary in from the garden to overwinter,

and my sister in-law gave me a very cool plant called Dorotheanthus Bellidiformus Mezoo "Trailing Red" 
which gets these tiny fuzzy bright scarlet flowers.

And a dear friend gave me another plant with cool foliage that will overwinter but I got lazy and didn't
plant it soon enough in the garden. BTW, I have no idea what this is called so if you recognize this plant tell me its name.

Needless to say I live in fear of killing these plants during winter. 
Just thought you should know.

Update July 2012: As of who knows exactly when, all the above plants are now dead and buried. Sigh.


  1. Poor houseplants. Hope they get your attention. Maybe they need a whistle or something.LOL

  2. Dear Patty, You cannot be worse than me with houseplants. I do not keep them alive for more than a day and now do not have a single one.

  3. I am not great with indoor plants especially in summer when I favor their outdoor cousins. I am down to a few ivy.

  4. That is always the fear isn't it? Don't worry. Plants always perk up with a little extra attention. I saw one of those shrimp plants when I was in San Diego recently. It was growing outside in the ground as a shrub, like spirea! It was stunning. The shrimp tails are so soft.

  5. gardenwalk: A whistle and a big red flag too. :)
    Edith: I've had my plants longer than one day so you win that challenge ;)
    Jennifer: I admit I laughed at the ivy. They are hard to kill ;)
    Susan: Thanks for the comment. I've seen big ones too at our botanical garden. Quite spectacular.

  6. I like the last plant, that is a very nice colored foliage.
    I am sure your plants will do great this winter.

  7. I used to put my house plants outside to absolve myself of responsibility. It was their choice whether they lived or died. Now I have none. I think the plant world is safer this way. Its such a relief to find out I'm not the only hopeless one!

  8. Hello Patty - a nice selection of plants here. No room for many 'insiders' in the flat but I would have more if I could.

    By the way that last plant looks like Houttuynia cordata 'Chameleon' - if you crush the leaves, do they smell tangy. If so, it's a toughie


  9. I am really not good with houseplants. There is only one type that I manage to keep alive. We call it the money plant. I am really glad I finally have rosemary. Someone gave me a pot of rosemary and a huge pot of grape plant last night. The weather here is very hot and I hope they adapt well.