Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last Blooms of the Year

For the past month I have been slowly and happily discovering new garden blogs through a wonderful sight called Blotanical. I am visiting gardens across Canada and the USA, Japan, Norway, Malaysia, France, Britain and many others. I am fortunate that some of these same bloggers are checking out my site as well. It is a lot of fun for me. That is the up side. The down side is that I am seeing wonderful gardens all over the world, with fascinating new plants I have never before seen. AND while their gardens continue to bloom on mine is coming to an end. 
So I am toasting the finale of my garden blooms today. Feel free to join in.


  1. Lovely this year and last.

  2. I love fall but it is sad that is the time of year when the garden goes to sleep for the winter. I too have enjoyed getting to know gardeners from all over the world. It make the world seem so much smaller!

  3. Patty this is a wonderful perspective of your garden and I really like your mosaic! What is the plant in the lower left hand corner? I love its texture.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.
    Jennifer- I must confess that even though I hate to see the garden slowly grow dormant I do enjoy the break. Time for daydreaming.
    Cat- The plant is Culver's Root, Veronicastrum virginicum. I grow the species and the cultivar "Apollo'.

  5. Its the end of Oct and my roses are just perking up again after having a rotten times in early Aug. New buds and lovely flowers %-) And the fuchsias don't know when to stop! Evey season there's something going on. I love love your gorgeous collage.