Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some minor renovations

Earlier in the summer I realized I had to do some renovating in a flower bed we created 9 years ago. The ninebark now leans towards the sun to the south west and is impeding my peony 'Falcon' from flowering. It is also getting in the way of a switch grass. It is a minor nuisance along a stone path in the bed. But what needed to be divided and moved was the rudbeckia 'Goldsturm' which was growing between the stones. So a couple of days ago I began removing and replanting the rudbeckia. Then I shifted the direction of the path so I could actually walk through. I only thought of taking a few photos at the end of my hard labour.


When the leaves fall from the ninebark I will give it a haircut. This one is 'Dart's Gold', and it is a lovely chartreuse in early spring. It darkens over the summer but does retain some lime-ness in colour. Right underneath it is the peony. Needless to say it is now overwhelmed and did not flower this year. The chartreuse of the ninebark with the burgundy of the peony are a sublime combination, so I would like to keep them near each other. I am trying to figure out where to place it, preferably without having to transplant the Itea 'Henry's Garnet' as well.

See the peony tucked under the ninebark? That's the Itea in front with all that colour. Other peonies on either side, one is mildewed....
Paeonia 'Falcon'

It is also about time to do some fall cleaning before the winter. As you can see the peonies need to be cut down, and with all the rain we have had there are bits of branches down everywhere. I am not one who really cleans, instead I tidy, leaving winter interest where I can. I am also somewhat lazy. Interpret that however you like.


  1. Garden paths are best when kept natural. There is a bit of mystery with slightly overgrown shrubs as path edge plants.

  2. What an inviting path along the garden!

  3. Patty I'm getting to the stage in my garden that I need to do a bit of maintenance aswell - its been nearly 10 years since I started to plant it up and there are a few things that I need to prune back alittle aswell.I really am in a lazy strut at the moment and I think I only have this weekend to get out and get things done as we have cold northerlys coming in for next week and snow forecast for the scottish mountains.

    I always love having garden paths - and its better when you can't see whats at the end of them. That ninebark you have there is lovely - my neighbour grows that one - I grow the diablo one and I really don't want it to get any bigger.

    Thanks for visiting me today :)

  4. Lovely! I really love the fall color on the peony.

  5. Thank you all for the encouraging comments.
    leavesnbloom- I also grow Diablo ninebarks. They are a little too big for their space so ther is trimming throughout the year. I do lose out on the flowers sometimes because of this ;(

  6. You did a great job!
    the little path looks perfect. and all your plants look beautiful

    ps: thanks for the comment on my blog

  7. So many times I have forgotten to take photos, until after as well, very annoying. You get way more compliments if you show everyone the before, lol. I am full of admiraton for all your hard work.

  8. patientgardener- welcome to the blog, it is nice to have you here.
    Deborah- 20/20 hindsight, don't I know it!