Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Colour on a sunny afternoon

It was a bright and sunny day yesterday. I raked leaves for an hour and a quarter. While doing so I noticed some great colour happening in the garden as well as a few surprises.

Salvia "Hot Lips" an annual survived the first frost

Itea "Henry's Garnet" is now a bright burgundy

Variegated Sedum flower head

Plumbago ceratostigma in red
Willow Blue Star's yellow foliage
Out of focus "Max Frei" Geranium
Multi hued Oakleaf Hydrangea

"Rozanne" Geranium

Ninebark "Dart's Gold"
European Copper Beech is starting to colour


  1. The beech is gorgeous. One of my favorite trees.

  2. Hot lips salvia is a perennial in my garden and this is it's favorite time of year - it is full of blooms! You have some lovely color in your garden.

  3. Love the autumn colors on your garden!

  4. Thank you all. I was impatient I think earlier, but the colour is certainly here now.

  5. Love your autumnal colours. They go on about it endlessly over here - "How things change and it's soooo beautiful" (really plants go from green to brown and then they drop dead). Oh how I laugh!

  6. Lovely autumn colors. I especially like the golden hues of the Ninebark and the Beech.