Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Walk

I got what I wished for. We received a few centimeters of snow on the weekend. So this morning I went for a walk down to the lake to see what it looks like and to see the swans that I heard were around lately.

On Lakeshore Road

Many small parks along Lakeshore and at dead ends off Lakeshore Rd.

Across the lake is the Niagara area of Ontario - wine country

Not zoomed in

Zoomed in - Hamilton or Steel City south west of Burlington

Where the creek empties out

Burlington has many creeks that empty into the lake

They come south from the escarpment, a long rise that is great for hiking

I did not see the swans. There were some mallards and buffleheads and of course the Canada goose. I think I walked for an hour and was quite cold. I could have used my long underwear today with that wind. And just so you know taking pictures in winter freezes your fingers. Welcome to winter.


  1. Oh, the snow is so beautiful and I can enjoy looking at it without freezing my fingers off. Thank you.

  2. Such pretty snow shots. It looks so cold along the water.

  3. Hi gardening Pomona.
    I've seen your blog, website and garden, etc. Those pix are so cool. I used to live at 3159 South Drive and Pomona was my quickest route to Sioux Lookout Park. Post more pix please.

  4. Winter is very beautiful in your place and you have captured it well.

  5. Ha! That's nothing compared to the foot of snow we had in Calgary a few weeks ago. And don't forget our -20 to -25 temps (and that's without the wind chill). I still have 3 or 4 inches of it in the yard and the sidewallks are still snowy and icy. Can't complain today though, we are having a short-lived Chinook and it will go to probably 3 degrees.

  6. Patty your shots are beautiful...brrr though! It looks like a peaceful walk.

  7. Wonderful photos I've just *found* your blog - you've a great eye for a good photo!

    Pomona is what the island I live on used to be called - (Orkney in scotland) what does the name mean?

  8. Sorry for the delay getting back to you all.

    Hazel:It truly was freezing. I kept stopping to warm up my hands!

    Donna:Cold, yes, but I'm sure you are experiencing similar temps.

    Bill: Thanks for the visit. Next time I take a picturesque walk I will photograph it.

    AutumnBelle:It was pretty grey that morning. The photos look like black and white ones.

    Laura:I won't even try to compare to Calgary. Your weather is crazy.

    Whimsical gardener:You are right it was peaceful. I was one of a few people outside.

    Orkneyflowers: Welcome! Pomona is the street I live on. It also happens to be the name of a goddess of the fruit trees
    http://gardeningpomona.blogspot.com/2010/01/so-who-is-pomona.html. Here's a link

  9. Very beautiful photos! Is great that you got the snow you were hoping for. For me i still have to wait a bit.

  10. Pretty shots of the water with snow. We're still waiting for snow here in southcentral PA, but the temperatures sure have been cold enough! Thanks for the "walk."

  11. Hi Patty, Despite the cold, a winter walk can be wonderful. The snow covered landscape can be so beautiful at times. Enjoy your weekend! Jennifer

  12. Fer - Snow in Japan, I'm sure it is a beautiful sight especially in the mountains.

    Gardensense - welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting.

    Jennifer - Thanks and you too. Merry Christmas.