Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to the Park and other things

Over the holidays while driving past the park I caught sight of a white goose nosing about the park grass. On a hope that it was still there I went back on a brilliant sunny day to capture him/her on camera.

Isn't he lovely !

and friendly !

I spotted some Canada geese out on the water

That's the closest I could get without the camera jumping out of my hand.
And looking toward the west were some geese and mallard and three swans preening themselves.

Nice photo except for the green bottle. That's the reality I guess.

Bye bye from the ducks.

Yesterday morning I was up early to go to the Toronto Master Gardeners Technical Update. The theme of the conference was "Sustainable Horticulture". The conference and its speakers tried to make us think about what sustainable horticulture means, and how do we as master gardeners provide the right advice to the public. We listened to three very good speakers, Dr. David Galbraith of the Royal Botanical Gardens who spoke of Exploring Sustainability and Naturalization of Urban Gardens; Dr. Rebecca Hallett on Are you Bugged? Getting to know the Good Bugs in your Garden; and Sean James who spoke of the everyday loss of water to sewer systems and the need to use more permeable friendly materials. A very good day with a great lunch as usual.
However what we were not prepared for on the way into Toronto was the snow. No snow to speak of in the forecast, and yet by the afternoon we had 15-20 cm of snow on the ground. Terrible to drive through but lovely to look at. So here are a few pictures of what caught my eye in the garden.

Mushrooms in winter?

I have a thing for these cement mushrooms

That's it from snowy Burlington.


  1. I wanted to come to the convention, but my Ext. officier did not know where it was located. He did not even hear of it. But, I was in Canada anyway. I too was in that most beautiful snow storm. When it started, I was at Niagara on the Lake eating at a really good restaurant that a local suggested. The prettiest snow started.

    Love your park fowl. Especially the big white male. How could you tell, I can't.

  2. I love those photos of the white goose and the tracks. I too have a thing over cement mushroom; infact I like just any kind of mushrooms. :)

    Anything in particular to share wrt to Sustainable Horticulture? That is a topic that I would enjoy listening to.

  3. After all of the cold months, most garden lovers are probably ready to start thinking about the coming planting season. The good news is that there are projects that can be done during the winter in preparation for the coming spring.

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  4. I love your post, the pictures as well. I hope can have that mute swan (white swan), now I only have some mandarin duck and geese in my garden. I thought it really a real mushroom ;)BTW your post really great.

  5. GWGT - I was just taking a wild guess the goose was male. When in doubt, make it up for the story :)

    One: I'll see what I can do for a post on Sustainable Horticulture.

    Orchid: Glad to know there are at least 3 of us who are mushroom people, fake or not.