Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow in Winter

Another two centimeters of snow today arrived in the early morning. 

We have had snow and melts and snow again. This only means that spring is on its way.

This is reassuring to me as I wait impatiently for some green growth to show.

Even a slip, a hint, a tease would suffice right now. 

While I wait I read, write, knit, and warm my cold hands on my steamy cup of tea (Rooibos today).

But mostly I watch through the windows for birds, track the sun in the sky and watch the snow fall or melt on the grass.


  1. Looks like that here too. I have been pleading for a turn around, but no one is listening.

  2. Although a long winter, I like your positive attitude...reading, knitting, watching the birds, hot tea...sounds like a slice of heaven ;)

  3. Under the blanket of snow, many lovely plants are waiting to be re-awaken.

  4. Your images are delightful and a very upbeat post considering most of us are champing at the bit for Spring.
    p.s. very much enjoyed your last post too :) Nice to know that there are others who can't find their seed stores when they need them

  5. I enjoyed your photos, and your sentiments about winter and waiting for spring.

    We are experiencing that snow, melt, and more snow here in Nebraska. We had some very mild temps for awhile, and all the snow melted, then we had 4 or 5 inches of snow Thursday to Friday. It got up to 34 today, and is supposed to get up to 40ish a few days this week. I'm ready for it to be finished, but we could get more yet. The daffodils next to the south side of the house are up a few inches. That is very encouraging to me.

  6. Oh to have some of that melting... It is -28C with a windchill temp of -35C here today (Calgary) and the roads are like skating rinks. I long for a trip to Hawaii but I will have to settle for Victoria in March.