Monday, March 28, 2011

Feeling under the snow

I must admit that writing posts in winter ( regardless what the calendar says) is difficult. In real life I am an observer not a talker, and I guess that is how I am in blog land too. You will not find glorious photos of plants past or present on an ongoing basis. I am not good at small talk and so figuring out what to write about when life seems ever so quiet is asking quite a lot of me. Add that Canadians have winter a large time of the year and it makes me wonder about having a garden blog at all. 

No it is not the blahs, the blahs happen in February. In fact it has been very nice weather-wise apart from the snow and the cold. The sun shines and the skies are a cloudless blue. But last week I had snowdrops poking their way out of the ground and on Wednesday they were covered again in 6 inches of that white wonder -where-the-heck-did-you-come-from-wonder. So if you are reading this, know there is a pout on my face, but be kind and don't judge too harshly. Spring will be here soon.

Bloodroot in April 2010

Big P.S.:
I have been asked to give a talk for a small fund-raising event this weekend on The Women and the Garden. I may post about it on that blog later.


  1. Patty, I know just how you feel. I too have found it hard to find just what to say. The length of time for the snow to leave is wearing. I smiled when you said you are writing with a pout.

  2. As a fellow Canadian I know exactly what you mean. Winters are sooo long. While our American cousins are showing off their spring flower, we are still shoveling the driveway. The last few days have been lovely, but really quite cold. The snow is slowly melting away, but not nearly as fast as I'd like it to. I figure there is still another month to go before there is anything blooming in my garden. It is a challenge to fill the seemingly endless flower void.
    Add to that you have not one but two blogs to keep going. I find it hard enough with one. I don't know how you manage both! You have my admiration.

  3. Your spring posts will be worth the wait I have no doubt and I'm sure they will bring me endless joy as we trudge through the drudgery of our hot summer! Your foggy photos (I believe from late fall/early winter remain some of my favorites). Hang in there Patty, spring is on its way. Oh, btw, you will be fabulous when you present your wisdom and I look forward to reading about it on your Women and the Garden blog.

  4. Donna, Jennifer, Cat: Such kind words from you all. Know that I appreciate them very much. I am preparing for the talk and will post about it good or bad :)