Friday, March 4, 2011

Tropical Island Infinite Photo

The National Geographic posted an interesting photographic display of the various flora and fauna found on and around the island of Mo'orea located in the South Pacific.
Thought you might enjoy this.   
Click here for the link. 


  1. This really is a spectacular shot. They always have the best images.

  2. This looks like the scene from a movie, so exotic and scenery very breathtaking.

  3. paradise, paradise, paradise, look so untouch pure. Hopefully it will stay like that forever.

  4. Patty, I say let's forego our "future Japan trip" and head over to Mo'orea instead. I've already checked for accomodations. They have the whole range from pension houses to luxury hotels. :sigh: If only things were so easy. :-D

    What a fantastic island. I'd love to see the flora and fauna myself although that infinite photo is such a cool thing. I was clicking away and I expect I will be clicking away with my children later tonight.