Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back from Birthday trip to Las Vegas

Yup, another year older.
However this year my hubby surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas. I have always been curious about this city of casinos, the lights along the strip, but mostly I wanted a glimpse of the Grand Canyon. My wish was granted. We stayed at the Belagio Hotel known for its street-side fountain displays throughout the day and evening. As hotels go, it was great. They even upgraded the room -Thank you. So here are some pics that I think will interest you.

The ceiling in the lobby of the Belagio is covered in glass flowers by the famous Dale Chihuly of California. If I could have taken something home....

They had an area near the lobby that they called the botanical garden. That is stretching the truth, but there were some interesting floral displays.

Pretty Poppies

Foxgloves and something pink I do not recognize (too early for chrysanthemums?)

with Chihuly glass

An amazing artwork of real flowers !

Poolside there were a few mentionables
Fragrant peach hybrid tea
Red hybrid teas bordered by boxwood were in beds along the pool
This single red rose may be Altissimo, backed by, I think, jasmine

The highlight of the trip was the Grand Canyon. I have always felt that the best way to see it (or some of it) is by helicopter. Despite some fear and possible motion sickness I got in that helicopter.

up up and away

We flew over the Hoover Dam

And of course there were some desert plants that I can use help in naming. Any south western readers out there?

perhaps a sage of some kind?
two cacti and....
these beauties are also found in the hotel gardens
close up of flower

Joshua Tree
There you have a brief viewing of our trip. We were in the Mojave Desert as well as the Great Basin Desert and the landscape varies immensely. I would love to return some day.


  1. Happy birthday Patty! Looks like a great trip over the Grand Canyon. It's on my bucket list too. The

  2. Happy Birthday, Patty! The ceiling is truly amazing. Thank you for showing the part of Las Vegas that I don't normally get to view. It's prettier than I thought.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful day. Happy birthday and thanks for taking us along for your trip.

  4. Happy Birthday! I was surprised that Vegas has a lot of pretty flower display, always think Legas are about gambling and brilliant light display.

  5. Maligayan bati sa iyong kaarawan! (Belated Happy Birthday, Patty!)

    Looks like you had an amazing birthday! The helicopter ride over the canyon looks like an amazing experience.

  6. What a nice husband. One of my favourites :-) Love the glass flowers, very clever and the flower flower painting. Grand canyon looked amazing %-)