Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring is Waking up

While the weather is still not conducive to doing much outdoors (cold, rain) the garden at Pomona is starting to wake up. Today is very windy, perhaps it is the winds from the tornado that hit the southern USA yesterday.

My thoughts go out to you all in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia.
I still have frustrating moments with the camera. Many macro shots are a blur and I just don't know how to get off the automatic settings. It is pathetic how technically challenged I am.
Despite all that it is a joy to see plants return from their winter holidays. Here are a few of the highlights.

That is Sushi with the arabis. With so much rain lately the air is quite humid, and so the arabis is headily fragrant. Kind of like sweet candy.

Charming Tete a Tete daffodils

I don't know what kind of violet this is but they turn up in the lawn every year. I think if the lawn was made entirely of violets I would be happy.

Life and death of the oakleaf hydrangea

Pretty chionodoxa

One of my favorite roses is Father Hugo or R. hugonis. The flowers are a pale single petaled yellow, sigh. Quite pretty right now with the lime of the leaves and the red stems.

I grow hepatica nobilis var. acuta or sharped lobed hepatica. This one is white. The following picture is a light violet flower, new to me, and supposed to be acuta but I am not convinced yet.

The bloodroot is doing really well in the garden and is spreading on its own. A delicate flower and pretty but I think the plant is most interesting when it is unfolding itself.

Oops! Just got back from a short power failure. It is getting stormier here....

Another success is the American Ginger. I like the Asian species as well, it has interesting foliage, however in this part of the garden I plant natives.

Signing off now before I lose power again.


  1. Hi Patty,
    We have certainly had lots of rain! I think nicer weather is in the works for Saturday-here's hoping anyway! My garden seems to be stuck in limbo waiting for the sun to return. I love arabis too. Have you ever seen the double variety- it looks like popcorn.

  2. Patty, it's nice to see that your garden has woken up. Like you, I would be delighted with a yard full of violets! I'm working on a new shade bed in the front and I have some violets I've stashed away to put there from earlier in the spring.

  3. Patty, I created the first photo in my Easter post using photoshop. To do something similar yourself, you need a good working knowledge of Photoshop layers and blending modes. Other than that it is relatively straightforward- there is a very clear "recipe" and textures on Kim Klassen's blog here: Let me know if you need any help.
    P.S. This texture set works best on pictures with a light/white background.

  4. Congratulations on your blooming garden, Patty! Your close-up shots are clear. What problems are you having with your camera?

  5. Hi Sushi! Currently "babysitting" Lucy and Dory. If they could bother to wake up, I'm sure they'd wave. Love spring gardens. So full of possibilities.