Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tulips Galore

Once again I volunteered with the Master Gardeners at the Royal Botanical Gardens Tulip Festival. It has been a poor spring with the weather and the day I was there it was grey and spitting rain from time to time. That however did not deter the tulip lovers from coming out to the Rock Garden. I tried to get some names for those of you who would be interested but sometimes there is no tag... I heard that stolen plant tags are number one on the hit list at most public gardens.

Now that I have your attention

The Rock Garden is a sunken garden with terraced levels and winding paths made of local stone. Here are a couple of views from the top.

The main beds are full of colour

Of course it is not all tulips

An unknown viburnum (close up below) with a Cercis canadensis alba or a white Redbud

and a pretty cherry in flower

How lucky to get this shot. This apple is in the parking lot. As I was the first one to arrive I benefited by a car -less lot.

Goodbye from the Royal Botanical Gardens.


  1. No to pooglądałaś śliczny ogród. Ja też widziałam coś pięknego w ogrodach KEUKENHOF w Holandii. Jak masz ochotę to pooglądaj mój post JUŻ JESTEM, A BYŁAM z 13.05.2011. Pozdrawiam

  2. The early bird catches the tree? :-D
    The weather did not detract from the beauty one bit. The view in the third picture is particularly amazing.

  3. Giga: Thanks for the visit. I have not been to Keukenhof but it looks like an amazing place to see.

    Bom: You're right, the dull sky helped make the colours seem more vivid.

  4. Hi Patty, I was at the RBG just this weekend! I have never been to see the Rockery before and was very impressed. The tulips were, in many cases, past their prime, but there was still lots of things to see that were in full bloom. I can't believe that people seal the plant tags! It is really shameful!!

  5. Jennifer: I wonder if we crossed paths at all. I was in the lilac dell in the morning. Still a bit early for the lilacs but with the sun and heat this week they will open up.