Monday, July 18, 2011

It's 27 celcius in the House

From the title you can be sure of two things: a) it is friggin' hot here and b) we don't have air conditioning!

I am hot and sticky and await cool rain with impatience. Needless to say I seem to await in vain. Oh well. On the positive side almost all the weeding is caught up. A neighbour's ash tree must be at the height of its seed cycle as the seedlings are in the thousands and it seems that they are all germinating. I have been pulling them out in the handfuls of late. Mulch? They survive through the mulch. Woe is me. 
On the negative side my two (brand new) rain barrels are now empty. Rain dance, rain dance.
On the plus side the flowers are blooming with great speed. I will catch you up on some of them.

Bright and blue - I have two kinds of Blue Eyed Grass. The first one is 'Lucerne', the second one's name is forgotten.

This one prefers to seed itself in the gravel

Here is a photo of the Common Moss rose that did not make it in the last post, plus another.

A beauty and smells divine too

A patio rose called Royal Bassimo

I am growing Spikenard which is a native plant. Large plants with large leaves and lots of dark red berries in the fall. The first one is over six feet tall and still growing.

Monster Spikenard 1
Spikenard 2 -This one is a baby in comparison
Tasty garlic scapes. Quite artistic looking aren't they?
Butterfly weed and Beebalm - a loud combo
Lavender fronting a blooming sedum

Finally, my prized possession for the year, a simple oakleaf hydrangea. Prized because this poor plant had been rabbit-pruned badly over the last two years (partially my fault, but the rabbits get most of the blame). I am overjoyed to see it recover so well and bloom for me this summer.