Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feathered Visitors

Alas, my heart has not been in the garden of late. It is damp and cold and hardly what you would call winter here. I have been watching the birds and trying out my zoom on the camera, but it is not zoomy enough for me. Nevertheless, here are some of my feathered visitors to the feeder this month.

Blue Blue Jay


Downy Woodpecker

Male and female Juncos



  1. Dobrze, że kotek leniuchował, bo by mógł zapolować na śliczne ptaki. Wielu ślicznych ptasich gości miałaś w ogródku. Pozdrawiam. *** Well, that cat leniuchował, because he could hunt on the beautiful birds. Many beautiful bird you've had guests in the garden. Yours.

  2. The last photo was funny. Your bird captures are really good. Love the Jay.

  3. Colourful birds! I can imagine the birds won’t stay put long enough for you to photograph them with Sushi around.

  4. Sushi caught something!!!!! Why that would require movement %-)

  5. I enjoyed seeing what birds you have. Those are the kinds we usually have on our feeders in my Nebraska yard, but they haven't been here this winter that I have seen. Maybe it's because they have stayed in the north.

    Thanks for your nice comment about my corner yard. Oh, I could have called my blog that name!

  6. Giga - Fortunately as Sushi is aging she is not as interested in the chasing of birds as much.

    Donna - The silly cat was asleep with both feet in the air when I was trying to take that picture. But then she moved!

    Denise- No, and some of them are too quick to photograph like the nuthatches. No pictures of them yet.

    Julie- Oh yes for sure, movement is slow these days, unless you consider feeding times;)

    Sue - Staying north may just be the reason. It is +4C today and no snow. Definitely not the norm for this time of year.

  7. Sparrows... I only have sparrows. Maybe Oscar scares all my birds away. I think I heard a woodpecker in the park this week. We are going to have nice weather next week so I will have to go back.