Sunday, February 26, 2012


Since the fall we have a new visitor to our garden. She is welcome to visit but I don't want this female coyote to get too comfortable and stay permanently. 

We have a creek that runs behind the house and most likely she is using the creek as a way to move around the area. That said, I have seen her cross the street in front of the house.

I imagine her usual territory has been compromised in some way and she is looking elsewhere to set up home. The creek allows her some privacy  and of course have access to the other animals that live by it as well. I just want her to keep away from my cat.

On another note, I finally took some photos of the ducks I see while on walks along the beach area. 

I believe the ducks below are Scoters of some kind, maybe Black Scoters.

These appear to be Long tailed ducks, a mix of females and males (with the long tails).

Female Long Tailed

I am not too familiar with ducks, so if anyone out there has a differing opinion I would like to know what they really are.


  1. Hi Patty, We tend to hear coyotes at close quarters in the fall and winter. Lack of food must make them move in closer to urban areas. Like your coyote, our area animals seem to like to be near the water, in out case the Credit River, perhaps because it attracts other animals. Make sure your cat is in at night. Many of our neighbours have lost cats to coyotes.

  2. Look snow!!!!!! We have limited wildlife here. No coyote or ducks, but very diligent rooks and jackdaws and a curious neighbourly cat.

    1. I couldn't find a place to leave a comment, so I clicked on "reply" to Julie's comment. Living in the middle of the city, our wildlife is limited to rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, mice, and birds.

      That coyote looks deceivingly tame to me. I hope it moves on to better territory. Oh, and we do have geese and ducks nearby, but I don't know the names of different kinds of ducks. Yours are lovely. They almost look like they should be from another country, as they look kind of exotic to me. I love that last photo!

  3. Really pretty images Patty, but the coyote is a wonderful capture, and in such fine lighting. They are very wary and rarely seen, so I really admire that you photographed this one.