Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life Returns to the Garden

With quite the warm spell as we've had, a number of plants are breaking through the soil earlier than normal. If fact it seems as if we are about three weeks ahead - for the time being. I have seen in the neighborhood forsythias and star magnolias in bloom already.
Nothing so showy in my garden.

 I believe this is a tulip clusiana. Never checked it out properly so it is an educated guess.

Plenty of sedum coming up. Here you can see both green and variegated leaves. Lots of babies again this year.

Just cresting the soil is the native wild ginger. I love this plant. It is a steady spreader but needs a few years to get going. 

The baby leaves of wild columbine. Quite a lot of colour showing wouldn't you say?

Some tete a tete mini daffodils. I am partial to the minis as you will see once spring moves along a bit more.

 Last of the snowdrops.

And finally some chinodoxa. It is nice to see some blue in the garden even at this time of year.

Not terribly exciting (except perhaps for me) but it is a sign that life returns to the garden.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Return from Canada Blooms Garden Show

My first speaking engagement at Canada Blooms was a success. I spoke on the history of Canadian gardens as one of the master gardeners for Ontario. While attendance was low according to those who know better than I, I had some great feedback from those that came to hear me talk. Thank goodness because I never got rid of that feeling of nerves, it plagued me the entire time. Over. Done. Next?

I have been to Canada Blooms a few times before and as usual saw some many wonderful plant displays, especially those that were judged. Here are some photos to help you visualize:

To me this says cheery au naturel with the daisies. There were a few other displays trying to create a natural feel. 

Ice cream anyone?

Quite the beautiful formal dress. They used cymbidium orchids amongst the green. In fact orchids seemed to be the plant of the show -they were everywhere. The new daffodil perhaps?

Fantastic shoes by the makers of the dress.

This was a cool display. Wavy wood holding beds of herbs and flowering perennials.

Within the designed edge they were growing moss.

A different view.

The Taipei Garden was a visual treat with tall bamboo, white orchids grown vertically and then the rounds of boxwood  with dwarf orchids (the latest thing) and edged with ... ah...something blue.

A sample of a green roof design filled with various ground covers.

Here's me presenting my talk on Canadian Gardening, eh!

It was a full day for me as I also volunteered at the master gardener advice clinic for a few hours. We did get an impression of the show from other attendees; a small show compared to other years and not as well attended. Too bad. Hopefully things will improve. A friend just came back from his first time to the Philadelphia International Garden Show and was blown away by it. Definitely on my list for next time.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I am speaking at Canada Blooms

This week Ontario's largest garden show Canada Blooms begins
March 16-25, 2012
Direct Energy Centre, Toronto Ontario
2012 Theme: 'CityCulture'

It is a big show with flower contests, garden designs, a retail area and many many excellent speakers. This year I will be speaking with other Master Gardeners at the show. It is my first speaking appearance in such a big venue. I will be talking about the History of Gardening in Canada. While gardening in Canada is quite short compared to the rest of the world, I will attempt to tell you all about it in 40 short minutes. Please join me on Monday March 19 at 2pm room 105 Hall A for an interesting look back in time.

Hope to see you there.