Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Life Returns to the Garden

With quite the warm spell as we've had, a number of plants are breaking through the soil earlier than normal. If fact it seems as if we are about three weeks ahead - for the time being. I have seen in the neighborhood forsythias and star magnolias in bloom already.
Nothing so showy in my garden.

 I believe this is a tulip clusiana. Never checked it out properly so it is an educated guess.

Plenty of sedum coming up. Here you can see both green and variegated leaves. Lots of babies again this year.

Just cresting the soil is the native wild ginger. I love this plant. It is a steady spreader but needs a few years to get going. 

The baby leaves of wild columbine. Quite a lot of colour showing wouldn't you say?

Some tete a tete mini daffodils. I am partial to the minis as you will see once spring moves along a bit more.

 Last of the snowdrops.

And finally some chinodoxa. It is nice to see some blue in the garden even at this time of year.

Not terribly exciting (except perhaps for me) but it is a sign that life returns to the garden.


  1. I also like the mini daffodils. It seems we are a few days ahead of you; my snowdrops and mini daffodils have finished flowering already.

    1. Is that normal for you at this time of year? I would have thought you would see blooms later.

    2. I think it is normal over here. But there are still daffodils in bloom in other gardens.

  2. Patty, It is hard being among the last to the gardening party and seeing flowers south of us, when we still have a light dusting of snow. This year, I am grateful that we already have the odd bloom in the garden. Although we could use a bit of rain, there are no complaints from me.

  3. I agree with Jennifer. Lack of rain after little snow is troubling. lowers got nipped with the frost and snow is expected tonight. So much is blooming and budding that the snow is not all that welcome now. My sedum is looking like yours Patty, so much earlier than years before.

  4. Not dull at all, Patty. I find it thrilling every time something pops up from the earth after a winter's rest. I'm glad you're enjoying the new signs of spring.

  5. Patty isn't it amazing to see so much life breaking through the ground and looking amazing ? I love seeing all of it no matter the plant .. that heat wave was almost scary .. just so not natural for the time of year ... but now we seem to be evening out and it is more normal ... and the garden chores have doubled ?? LOL
    Joy : )

  6. Indeed, Spring is the time when life comes back, so to speak. Your flowers are perfect examples of the joy that Spring brings. Thanks a lot for sharing the beauty of your surroundings.

  7. I'm so glad your spring is coming along! Soon, the columbines and such will be blooming. It's fun seeing the progression of spring in different planting zones. I seem to be in the middle. The weather sure has been goofy, though. It got up to 91 today, and the high for tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70s, and 50s for Friday and Saturday.