Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not your everyday find in the back yard

Nice evening although still a bit of a nip in the air. That's the way he likes it, he's usually too warm most of the time anyway. The wife says he's like a furnace lying next to her. Suits him just fine, the night is when he gets out of his claustrophobic hole of a home to find some action. He's already decided where he 's going tonight. Found some new digs in a shady part of town. Better that way, doesn't like to work out in the open where everyone knows your name. Nice neighbourhood, stupid street names though, like Oak street or Pine street. There aren't even any oak or pine on those streets. Doesn't matter, he 's getting close. Single story box with a nice expanse of green. Good cover with all those shrubs and trees, not an oak or pine in sight -ha! Here we are. Seems quiet.  Mmm, mmm, mmm, he's getting hungry now. Time to look around for those tasty morsels. He can smell them near by, just under here ... Oh yah, jackpot. His favorite. Look at them squirm. Wait what's that? Nothing, just a dog barking. Not to worry the night is young. Leave no stone unturned, and that's just what he's gonna do. No sod unturned either -ha! Wait. That's no dog. Something out there. Good thing us black coats always come prepared. Uh oh. Big fella. You want a piece of me? Try it, give it your best shot. No? Then try this! (Phssst) Ha! Got you. Time for me to vamoose. Uh oh. Backing away, backing away. Aieee!

Rip! tear, crunch. tasty. nice evening for a meal out. bit of a nip in the air though.

Not sure when this fella 'got it', but it must have been a while ago, the remains are so clean.


  1. That is an eerie find and equally queasy story. Makes you wonder what happened and who benefited. Nature always has those that benefit at another being's expense. I found a small bird skull in my garden and I knew who to blame, those blasted feral cats.

  2. Great writing Patty. How did you unearth the skeleton?

    1. No unearthing necessary Bom. It was sitting right there in the grass. I almost stepped on it.

  3. What was it? Who dropped it? Did you bury it?