Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Sedum, a Swan, or maybe a Goose

You take your typical sedum or more specifically hens and chick, put it in a pot, or more specifically an old  cement container of a swan and it grows like you have never seen before!

When I bought the Hen with chick (hiding lower right) in the spring it was just your typical sedum. Then it started this growth spurt as you can see above.

I watched the flower buds form.

And then bloom.

Look at it now. It is leaning out of the swan. Swan or goose - I am not even sure of that. You can vote on that. Swan or goose, your choice and I will abide by it.

See how it is lifting itself out of the cement bird? It is leaning even farther than the Tower of Pisa!
Hmm, I wonder if I will need a support for the flower spike.



  1. Very funny surprise. But it is a beautiful sedum, even though it turned out different from what you expected.

    1. It IS a beautiful sedum. I am falling in love them all.