Friday, August 17, 2012

Back Yard Reno, One Year Later

Hmmm, it has been a while since I have posted so let me rectify that today. Today I offer an update on the back garden renovation.
As you may recall we made some changes to the back yard last summer about this time. The ground was leveled and drainage was installed.

We went from this,

To this,

Hubby did all the stone work, including the new flagstone patio which now looks like this

and the flagstone path from the front terrace along the side of the house to the new shed.

There is still work to be done naturally. We are still working on a plan for some plantings by the shed- who wants to see all that gravel! Bushes will go by the fence and I am considering some clematis against the shed wall. The hydrangea (Annabelle) on the left are new and fill an empty pocket between the path and the side door to the house.

I planted the new hydrangea Invincibelle Spirit at the back of the house to break between the windows and the patio. It creates a much nicer feeling to have your back next to plantings than house. The tree is a sucker from a beautiful purple lilac that had to be removed while putting in the shed. I have no idea what kind it is although it has been suggested to be a French lilac - the scent is wonderful.

The hydrangea were already in full bloom when I bought them and quite leggy, so I have been pruning off all the spent flower heads to encourage rooting. The Invincibelle Spirit are H. arborescens like the Annabelle but instead they are pink and are supposed to flower all summer until frost.

Next time I will focus on some of the new plantings in the other bed. I hope you enjoyed the update.


  1. Nice work from Hubby, I'd say! The paving looks great, but I'm in love with that retaining wall... Changes in level always look great in a garden, and that little wall is so charming and reminding of some of the lovely gardens I saw while living in England.

    I think it will be a wonderful spot on Earth once the plants begin to fill in; I can definitely see a good book and a cup of tea or a glass of wine on that patio!

    1. I will pass on the compliment Flaneur. We have already enjoyed some drinks on the patio and it is a nice spot to sit as we are pretty much surrounded by trees.

  2. Patty that is an incredible renovation !
    I would love to have that done here .. well , I would love to not have to see any neighbors in the back garden .. but wow ! .. your back garden is gorgeous and to take your time filling it in is wonderful : )
    Can't wait to see the next phases girl !

  3. It is beautiful. I like the flagstones and the shed and the hydrangea. I like it all. Well done you and handy hubby!