Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam

It seems like yesterday that Hubby and I were in Europe. A well deserved trip away from home. We took two weeks and spent the first week in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands and the second week in the city of Barcelona, Spain -two very different cities!

Let's start small and visit the Bloemenmarkt, the world's only floating flower market. The Bloemenmarkt of Amsterdam is found in the southern end of the canal system on the Singel canal. It has a large number of florists and garden shops and souvenir shops for those that need their dutch cheese and other trinkets.

As I look at this photo I am reminded of the odd beauty of the homes. Built on stilts on a base of sand and water, many of these homes have lasted more than 400 years. Some show their age as you can see many homes listing to one side while fortunately being held up the the ones on either side. Each house was built as an individual. They are tall and narrow with steep winding staircases inside. All these older homes have a pulley system on the roof so that large items can be brought in through the windows. Though I can't help but wonder what 'large' is as the windows are not that big.
View from the canal -photo from wikipedia

The colour of the market is wonderful. Plants everywhere, in buckets, on trays, in pots, canned, loose, it can't help to catch the eye.

L-R Strawberry, Venus Flytrap, Blue rose Marlin in cans!

The bulbs were of course the most jaw dropping of the displays. The amaryllis bulbs were huge and the size of the ones below were almost twice the size of my fist. I think if you double click on any of the photos they will embiggen.

I forgot to take photos of the tulips bulbs, however, the tulip bulb selection seemed small and was therefore probably intended for the tourist market. A friend asked me to bring back some tulips for her and I did -blue tulips! Are blue tulips here yet? Not being a tulip connoisseur or planter in my own home I thought they were a fabulous find. Naturally being an honest citizen I brought home only bulbs that had a special hologram-med seal on the package allowed for transport into Canada. I did not want the risk of them being confiscated at Canadian security.
The Bloemenmarkt was a lot of fun to visit. It was difficult at times to stop myself from considering and planning a cross border heist. Perhaps next time.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Patty. You visited two places I will never see, but your images are telling the story. The flower marts are amazing. I did click on the bulbs, but then could not click back. I am not sure why. The bulbs all lined up in their baskets make them look so inviting to buy. The cut flowers are so pretty too.

    1. I'm sorry the photo did not work properly for you-maybe it depends on your viewer? The Bloemenmarkt was a fun visit, I think it was a couple of blocks long, so not huge. If we make it to the Netherlands again I want to time it for the tulip festival at the Keukenhof Gardens.